Get involved, support us

We have spent over 25 years helping disabled people live their lives in Scarborough. You might wish to volunteer to help us continue. Most of the work is administrative, but we are of course open to help from people with more specialist skills (we are especially looking for help with funding bids, IT skills and Finance skills). Volunteering can start from as little as a couple of hours per week and as a route back into work it can boost your confidence, build up your CV and provide you with someone to call on for references.

Welcome to Scarborough DAG

Scarborough Disability Action Group (DAG) is a user-led organisation that promotes accessibility for disabled people by breaking down barriers to employment and social inclusion.It aims to provide a user-led, multi-service one-stop-shop for people with any form of disability living or working in the Borough of Scarborough and surrounding areas It brings together community organisations, service users and carers promoting independence, social inclusion and equality. We aim to remove barriers

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