To provide you with as much help as possible during these difficult times our phone lines are open each weekday from 10am to 7pm. We are not offering face to face appointments just yet, but if you need help with your benefit form we can arrange to fill it in over the phone. Just call us on 07922 854746 or for appointments call 07592 382361.

Benefit Drop in Sessions

Do you have a long term illness or impairment and are unsure whether you may qualify for disability benefits?Are you claiming disability benefits and would like to know if there any other financial schemes or services to which you may be entitled?Has your claim for disability benefits been refused or has your benefit entitlement been reduced?I’m waiting to hear from you!Tim Vasey - Manager. Catch me monthly at Wreyfield Methodist Church, Filey Evron Centre and fortnightly at Eastfield Library.


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