TREATS Activities

Map of the catchment area for TREATSWe have been awarded funding from the People's Health Trust and are offering the following TREATS for people living in the Old Town and North Bay area of Scarborough. Our aim is to offer things which will help you get out, socialise and meet new friends.

Tickle your Tastebuds Recipes - Sweet Stuff

Our Tickle your Tastebud sessions are proving to be very popular and we will be adding the recipes over the next few weeks. Here we have 2 recipes for Lemon and Ginger Cheesecake and Muffins, both of which are easy peasy.

Lemon and Ginger Cheesecake
Packet of Ginger biscuits
50g butter
1 (250g) tub mascarpone cheese
1 (200ml) pot doublee cream
3 lemons

1. Grate the lemons and then juice them.


Benefit Drop in Sessions

Do you have a long term illness or impairment and are unsure whether you may qualify for disability benefits?

Are you claiming disability benefits and would like to know if there any other financial schemes or services to which you may be entitled?

Has your claim for disability benefits been refused or has your benefit entitlement been reduced?


I’m waiting to hear from you!


Coming to Barrowcliff in January!

The initial benefit drop-in session at Wreyfield Methodist Church has been organised for Monday 16th January from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm. The sessions will take place once a fortnight over the next six months. If you are a disabled person or carer, live in the Barrowcliff area and have a problem with your benefits, I'll be pleased to see you! Or if you know someone else in this position, please tell them about the drop-in sessions!! All sessions are free of charge. Tim Vasey - DAG Manager


Welcome to Scarborough DAG

Scarborough Disability Action Group (DAG) is a user-led organisation that promotes accessibility for disabled people by breaking down barriers to employment and social inclusion.It aims to provide a user-led, multi-service one-stop-shop for people with any form of disability living or working in the Borough of Scarborough and surrounding areas It brings together community organisations, service users and carers promoting independence, social inclusion and equality. We aim to remove barriers

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