Useful Info

If you are disabled in Scarborough & District and need help or advice on welfare or benefits, we are here for you.We also help carers and those who work to provide support and services for disabled people and their families with benefits help and advice.If you are making an initial claim, and because it could be 2 to 3 weeks before we can see you, you can help yourself by taking the first step by calling the relevant number (see below) and starting your claim. Once you have done this call us on 01723 480029 to make an appointment for your form to be filled in and completed. Once you receive your forms, and before your appointment with us, it would be very helpful if you could go through the form and fill in your personal details, those of your doctor, specialist and support worker as well as your medication, bank details etc. This will give us more time to help more people.For Personal Independence Payments (PIP) call 0800 917 2222. PIP is a non means-tested benefit which looks at mobility and care needs.For Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) call 0800 055 6688. ESA is a wage replacement benefit for people who may be incapable of work because of disability or long term illness.