About us

The group was formed by disabled people for disabled people to help in Scarborough and DistrictScarborough Disability Action Group (DAG) is a user-led organisation that promotes accessibility for disabled people by breaking down barriers to employment and social inclusion. It aims to provide a user-led, multi-service one-stop-shop for people with any form of disability living or working in the Borough of Scarborough and surrounding areas It brings together community organisations, service users and carers promoting independence, social inclusion and equality. We aim to remove barriersDAG also offers many volunteering opportunities and helps more than 10,000 people a year with disability issues and helps fight towards equality in Scarborough and areas. We work with Disabled people with any disability including mental health who might benefit from accessing the group. We also work with local groups as well as local organisations. To further offer support where needed, we also offer volunteering opportunities to further people's experiences  We help on average 600 people via our telephone helpline and we offer a service that reduces social isolation and encourages friendships to develop. We also show non disabled people that disabled people can take part in activities and persuade other disabled people that there is an opportunity to try new things and not be afraid of joining in through integration through action. We make a person feel valued again and offer our volunteers the opportunity to improve their confidence and skills DAG is self funded and relies on donations and grants